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Use our "Ugly Truth" tool to send a package and record a video, we'll deliver it on April 1st.

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We send out the package, and make sure the video arrives at the same time.

Because if it backfires you can always say, "April Fool's!"

Sometimes people don't want to hear the ugly truth, but now you can get away with it.

This is the ultimate way to say what you really want with literally NO CONSEQUENCES. Tell your boss "screw you!" or a friend "you're an idiot!" - and pretend it's April Fool's if it doesn't go well.

Send a "Truth Package," we'll deliver your video at the same exact time.

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**All packages come with a FREE Vift Video "Gift" Message. Record a video that will arrive at the same time as their care package.**

What is the "Ugly Truth" tool?

It's a way to say "peace out" or "STOP!" - before it's too late.

You don't have to do it to their face.

  • *For every time they made you work a weekend
  • *For every holiday you didn't get off

Worst case, you can say it was April Fool's.

  • *For every night out you missed with your friend
  • *For every time they chose their new flame over you

Choose your package.

The "Are You Seriously About To Do This?" Package

For friends getting ready to marry or take the next big step with a romantic partner you disapprove of. Alternatively, this could also be sent to your friend with the perfect partner/fiancé, who you're looking to pull a heart-stopping prank on.

  • 6 Month Membership to
  • *Singles Weekend in Vegas at the Venetian w/ 3 friends
  • An "I dodged a bullet" T-shirt


The "Now That I Don't Work With You Anymore..." Package

This package is for current/former bosses or colleagues, utilizing April Fool's Day as the perfect opportunity to let them know what's really on your mind.

  • "Managing for Dummies" book
  • Glitter bomb envelope
  • "World's Worst Boss" Mug


The "Build Your Own" Package

For exacting revenge or getting the last word in unusual circumstances.

This package is FREE, courtesy of a deceased customer (and noted April Fool's prankster) who bequeathed Vift a small sum to help others get the last word in and cause some April Fool's Day mischief. Provide the tracking number of the "gift" you'd like to send that nosy neighbor or meddling relative and Vift will take care of the rest.


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