This Valentine's Day, we have the ultimate care package — The Break-Up Kit.

Complete with a personalized video message arriving at the same time as your "gift."

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We send out the package, and make sure the video arrives at the same time.

Because sometimes you gotta go out with a bang.

This year, spend your money on something that makes you happy!

Not all love is forever, so end it the right way. Send them a final Valentine's day gift — along with a video that says "Bye Felicia!"

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**All packages come with a FREE Vift Video "Gift" Message. Record a video that will arrive at the same time as their care package.**

What is the Break-Up Kit?

It's a simple tool to end it on your terms.

It's the honorable way to end it.

  • *They still get a Valentine's day gift.
  • *It's "face-to-face"

It makes your life easier

  • *No dealing with all the ugly crying.
  • *You now have a perfectly good Sunday to spend on a couch.

Choose your package.

The "I'm Not Ready To Be In A Profile Picture With You" Package

  • Box of tissues
  • 3-Month Netflix subscription


The "We're Perfect... For Other People" Package

  • Box of tissues
  • 12-Month Netflix subscription
  • Snuggie blanket
  • A dozen roses
  • Box of chocolates


The "I Want To Grow Old Without You" Package

  • The Princess Single Cruise Experience (7-Day Alaskan Cruise


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